All About Places To Eat

According to a survey conducted by the American Culinary Federation, the two most common food trends are expected to be diet and philosophical choices. Fresh produce, organic food, bite-sized desserts, nutritious kid’s meals, kid’s vegetable/fruit side dishes, super fruits, and sustainable seafood were predicted to be among the top ten preferences. Buying local produce is not only good for the climate, but it also helps a local farmer. Fresher and tastier produce will be available locally. Organic food preferences are related to environmental issues.

Furthermore, many people would like to avoid insecticides and other toxic chemicals. Over the last few years, bite-sized desserts have become increasingly popular. In contrast to big chocolate brownie sundaes, mini indulgences are healthier. Whole grains and vegetables, rather than just mac and cheese and chicken nuggets, are healthier for kids, and the trend appears to be catching on with both parents and children. Pomegranate was replaced by acai and mangosteen, as was anticipated. Everyone complained that restaurant portions were too big, so “small plates” became a popular trend. People who are worried about the environment are wary of farmed fish, mercury pollution, and PCBs. Last year’s expected trend of eating wild was a preferred but expensive choice, but sustainable seafood is likely to gain popularity in the future.

Buying locally was deemed more critical than the organic trend among the top trends expected for 2010, owing to its competitive and cost advantages, among other benefits. As the restaurant industry has been hit hard by the recession, the expected restaurant trends have shifted to cost-cutting techniques. The new trend is more likely to be niche signature dishes rather than a standardised menu.

It’s not difficult to deduce that, as healthier and more environmentally friendly foods become more popular, restaurant owners are making money. As a result, they will juggle quality and price to find the most profitable mix.

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